Changes and Monster Picnic Package

Danny O'Flaherty

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Changes and Monster Picnic Package
Changes and Monster Picnic Package

Get Danny's new Changes CD PLUS a copy of Danny's children's classic The Monster Picnic for a combined low price of $25 plus shipping and handling.


With "Changes," Danny O'Flaherty has created an outstanding addition to the genre of children's music.  Many of these songs deal with complex subjects that are presented to young ears and minds in a gentle, understandable, and most of all inspiring way. Danny's musicality and Gaelic charm bring joy from beginning to end.  This album should be cherished by children and adults alike.  Timeless.

Bravo, Danny!  An exceptional work!

CHAD MITCHELL of the Chad Mitchell Trio

The Monster Picnic

When we wrote "The Loch Ness Monster's Storybook", we wanted children to try and understand how important it was to help one another, to respect the world we live in, and how one "Family" could make a difference!

This led to our recording of The Monster Picnic.  We hope that the children and their moms and dads enjoy singing along together.  The other songs are based on fairy tales, sea creatures, and other animals on our planet.








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